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ASR.SIF File error when completing IDR

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I am having difficulty in running Intelligent Disaster Recovery on Backup Exec v.10 - the platform is Windows 2003 Server SP1 and has worked file up until now.

All the details are entered in to the Wizard as normal but when the wizard begins to run it returns the error:

"Error getting in to file \\servername\c$\Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\NT\IDR\Data\asr.sif" The system can not file the specified file"

On looking at the location, the file is indeed not there! I've restored the files from tape and re-run the IDR but the same error occurs!

I've checked out KB 27978 and whilst this provides the exact fault, the resolution bears no realtion to my environment!

Would appreciate any assistance offered!!!

Level 6

What is the data and alternate path that you have set?


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