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Ability to bundle multiple servers in a single job

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Users including iammejutty; Steve Kratz; Mark McFarlane; PCTeamAdmin, among others requested the ability to bundle multiple servers in a single job.  We are happy to announce that In the next release of Backup Exec, the ability to bundle multiple servers returns.

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Is there any update on this (Ability to add Multiple Servers on single Job)? have Symantec released any patches??? How to go about this?? Please reply...




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It would be in the best interest for Symantec to extend the support contracts for all the people that are affected by this debacle.  This would be the "right" thing to do.

They obviously know they made a booboo and are in the midst of trying to fix it.


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Still waiting.  There was another round of testing the beta that was being peformed about a month ago.

Not sure what ETA is.  Hopefully 1st quater of 2013.

We will give them till then before we jump ship to another product.


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What a piece of garbage!!!   Still haven't found a way to fix this multiple servers to a single job issue.  I'm really really disappointed in Backup Exec 2012.  We already have a license for 2010, I might as well just see about canceling this 2012 license and stick with 2010!  What Symantec is doing is just horrible,  today I will start scouting out a new backup solution and be done with this.

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OK.  Help me out here so how does this single server thing work.  First off do I have to initialize (clear) the tape before I begin writting the backups each night?  Since I have to set each one to append due to the fact that they are done individually, I guess they will try to append to a tape if its not empty.  Second, how do the verifies work do you have to write and verify before going to the next server who then writes and verifies and so on.  It seems like it would try to write during a verify and then die.  Third,  how do I know how much time to give each job.  It tends to vary.  If the first server is not done before I tell the second server to kick off will it die.  

I want my single jobs back.  Is this coming soon?  Any word of a release date?



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Also interested to know about a release date/time frame.  You don't have to tell us March 1st @ 12:01am PST, just say by the end of March, or even better, February.  I have held off on moving any of my clients to BUE 2012 because of the above mentioned issues.  My immediate problem is I have a new installation coming up in the next month or so, and I will have to use BUE 2012 against my better judgment.

I won't waste my time bashing Symantec, but I will say you do your customers a complete dis-service by 1.) Releasing this version and 2.) taking an excruciatingly long time to release the update which should have stayed in the original build.

I can see that Symantec personnel are monitoring this thread; do us a favor and give us some new information please.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!UPDATE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I too will be jumping ship at the end of the month.  Can't go on forever with hope and dreams that this will ever get fixed.

I was in some testing group several months ago.  Seemed like they were getting closer to getting the "update" out the door.  Wondering what the hold up is?

Can only assume that it is due to $$.  What isn't these days?

I would like to see Symantec extend all of our maintenance contracts by 1 year.  This would make up for some of the major screwup.







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Also another rant.  supposedly my database was screwed up when upgrading to 2012.

Opened a support ticket and was told that I would have to replace my database with a new one and then create all my jobs again. WTF?

I just got done fixing them after the upgrade screwed them all up.

Well for now everything is working with the exception of the reports and that will not be fixed until the database gets recreated.

Too bad there is not the ability to export/import the jobs and/or print out a easy to read printout of the job.

Apparently this was avail in the early version but not in 201. :p

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Captains Log:  Stardate 3-11-13


We have been off course for a year now, with no response from starfleet except a few "hopeful" beeps from command.  Now we don't even get those.  No updates, no word from home, the crew has lost all hope.  Supplies are gone, can't wait anylonger.   Last tribble eaten.


Guess we'll have to join the Klingons, Qapla`


Captain (since backup exec was born)   OUT!

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...classic! Would give 10 thumbs up for this if I

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Hey team - apologies that Starfleet Communications have not been broadcast more often. We're managing a lot of intergalactic channels. Here are a few to track:

1. Connect. See the Backup Exec beta blog here and here for the latest in our upcoming platforms release.
2. Check Spiceworks, Twitter (@backupexec), Reddit and Google+ for places to interact with the Starfleet officers directly.
3. We'll watch this particular thread more closely going forward.

Regarding the comments above:
1. We're building a release to bring on platforms (vSphere 5.1, Windows Server 2012 and a bunch of other apps) first. Watch for that beta to hit before the first half of this year and track the channels above for more precise updates.
2. Bringing back the Jobs Monitor. This is in the plan but it is too soon to tell you when. We're getting in front of what we are doing before making new promises, and committed to giving you accurate information when we have it.

Starfleet out for now.

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Interesting. . .a company that has their own blog and they go to other places to communicate with their customers about a flawed upgrade . . that speaks volumes.  Not to mention that there were several employees on this thread that should have been receiving updates to this thread . . . and maybe they could have responded???


Nothing like an easter egg hunt to go find out information on upgrade that everybody has been complaining about for some time.


As a side note, I was in one of the product testing groups back in August of last year. I would have thought participating in that would have been enough to say I wanted to be kept in the loop about updated.



Maybe it is just me, but I find strategy of getting this resolved to be FLAWED. 


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It's been almost 8 months since a Symantec Employee stated on this wall that "they've heard the customers and will be rolling out a fix to this problem soon"...and we get nothing.  Do they really think we'll be renewing our maintenance agreement?  Just awful.

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Please, when BE2012R2 will be out?



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Fair point. We are extending 2010 support so you have a choice of when to migrate to 2012, after you are good and satisfied that the migration will be seamless.

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Slappy, we've been keeping those users that came to our offices updated in a private forum. PM me if you are one of those folks.

We are laser focused on three priorities:
1. Platform support: coming in the beta and available on both 2010 and 2012. We can't expect you to move forward with us unless we can back up your latest patforms, regardless of the GUI.

2. Quality improvements: making it easier to use and fixing defects. Our last hotfix on Feb 20 addressed 191 customer issues with over 20,000 downloads to date and no calls to support. 

3. Seamless migration. Once we've supported the right platforms, and are rolling out high quality maintenance releases, we'll revisit the GUI. You are free to continue using 2010 until we deliver a seamless migration experience. No date on this yet but will keep you posted on the channels above (as well as here in Connect).

Hope this straight story helps you know where you stand.

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I have to agree that the omission of multiple servers on one job is a major mistake by Symantec. How can this happen? Are you trying to lose your customers? Apart from this blunder I would also like to say that the new interface is very poor. While the old interface could have done with some improvement this one is far worse. It deeply concerns me that a company I have put my faith in for so long can get a software release so wrong. You need to back track quickly. I would certainly sympathise with some of the angry comments here as the response from the company is far from satisfactory. There is a touch of Microsoft arrogance creeping in. I was waiting for the next release before finalising my decision on whether to move to another package but the failure of symantec to give a commitment to when these issues will be addressed may force my hand.

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I'm sorry, I must not be reading this correctly.  Symantec, are you saying you're going to support Windows 2012 and VMware 5.1 BEFORE you fix the glaring errors of last year?

 I don't care that your GUI is clumsy or bizzare looking, what I care about is Job Based backups instead of Server Based backups. 

I've WAITED and WAITED.  Owning 3 BackupExec servers.  I guess I really will have to cancel my pending renewals and check out Veeam or something. 

Dang, 20 years of loyalty GONE.  I've truely waited as long as I could. 

If this is the kind of customer service we're recieving for all the cash we've paid you, guess I better move our Endpoint products, and Ghost products before you do something similar and won't fix it either!


This is truely your last chance to save a 20 year corporate customer!

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You took the words right out of my mouth Alamosa.  I did not renew maintenance agreements for two clients recently and have migrated them to AppAssure, which is magic (after the initial headache of setting it up).  I will never recommend or purchase Backup Exec again.  Like you, I've waited and waited and waited for the promised resolution to this craptastic release for almost a year, and still NOTHING.  They have no real plans to fix anything.  They're excited about their wonderful GUI and think it's a benefit more than a hindrance.  Same with jobs per server instead of servers per job.  It amazes me.  I've been using them since 1998 and POOF!  Never again.

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Our Agency has also decided to drop Symantec and replace our backup technology.  We have been using Symantec(Veritas) since 2001. Symantec has a knack for destroying their reputation. 

BE2012 is the biggest mistake, EVER!!!!