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Completely drive me crazy with this software

Is this a strategy to push customers to use netbackup ? Pls change back the console and formal disk folders. I can't tolerant the console keeps killing itself when I cleaning up the backup set in the storage interface

A buddy of mine told me that

A buddy of mine told me that after upgrading he had to redo all his jobs, I thought it was a glitch and we made sure to document all our jobs and selections in case it happend to us.  Little did I know that what happened was that the jobs were not brought in because it cannot be converted to the new selection/job backup.


I cannot wait until the new version comes out to fix all the issues with jobs.  I hope others read this and do not upgrade to Backup Exec 2012 until that fix.

...this issue was well

...this issue was well documented in March when BE 2012 was released. Guys were caught very unawares about the change.

Seriously though, there is a link a couple of posts above to join the Beta programme of BE 2012 R2. You might want to try getting onto that.

Your reasoning was also the reasoning why I never upgraded.


My god I just got 2012 what a

My god I just got 2012 what a complete POS! Been using Backupexec since before Symantec bought it from Veritas. All I can say is that I'm completley speechless. It's worked just fine for me throughout the years, I guess it was pretty stupid of me to think that 2012 would let you backup all servers to tape on one job like it always had.

Complete crapola. Went to GFI for my antivirus last year, may have to go elsewhere for my backup solution as well.



bought it with new servers

bought it with new servers Running exchange 2010 and 2008 R2. Did not think a radical change like this would take place, reseller sure didn't mention it. I just can't imagine why this change would be made...I guess someone realized how stupid it is...hence the beta... Bang up job Symantec, thanks for making my job easier. /sarc off

I've been using BE since the

I've been using BE since the Veritas days.  I cannot imagine why Symantec would take a simple, easy and intuitive way to backup servers and toss it out the window.  I would rather go back to using command line NTBACKUP with a batch file and scheduling than use BE 2012.  Unfortunately Microsoft got rid of NTBACKUP as well.

After installing BE2012, my 2 backup jobs exploded to 38 backup jobs to monitor!!!  And uses 3 LTO 800/1600 tapes!!!

Since we just renewed our maintenance, it looks like we will be wiping our backup server and UPGRADE to BE 2010.

I decided to stay with the

I decided to stay with the 2012 and work through all the garbage of getting each server based backup job to work correctly on to one tape.  The only problem now is how to change the order of the server being backed up.

With the future release of the update that will put back the job based backup, I will be interested as to how it will handle the ability to "convert" my now "server based" to "job based" backup (if an option at all).  The conversion of job to server based in the 2012 upgrade was terrible and needed a lot of work to make them usable.

My other gripe is that people are still upgrading the software and experiencing the crap we all went through. Did Symantec at least update the installer to include a HUGE warning message??  Informing the user that the upgrade will convert their existing job based backup jobs to a server base backup?????



To answer our first problem,

To answer our first problem, here is what we did. We simply made the jobs to start at a later time. BE will then queue it, and start when all the preceding jobs are done.

Server 1 starts at 10
Server 2 starts at 10:15

and so on

If you what to change the order, you then have to do it by manipulating the time for the job, and the jobs around it.

Thanks for your reply: I

Thanks for your reply:

I already tried that.  For some reason it still holds the same routine no matter what time I change the start times.  Doesn't make sense.  There is one job that I had to delete and recreate because the conversion to 2012 really messed it up.  So I recreated the job and this is the job that will only start after all the other jobs are completed.  Even though I have the time of the job set to one minute after the second job and all the rest of the jobs to kick off one minute after that job (hope that makes sense).  So the start times are setup for the 1st job-10pm, 2nd job-10:01 and 3rd job-10:02 and the other jobs-10:03.

All the other server job (of them) for the most part held the order in which they ran prior to the conversion to server base jobs. Of course I had to modify all of them to get them to go on one tape.  First by changing the time on the first job to one minute before all the other jobs and then changing the overwrite settings for the media. 

The other question that comes up is what is the logic for what server job starts backing up when you have all of them starting at one time like 10pm?


Hey Slappeee,  try changing

Hey Slappeee, 

try changing the priority of your backup jobs. 

On the Backup and Restore tab or the Storage tab, double-click the server or the storage device where the job is scheduled to run.       In the left pane, click Jobs.       Right-click the scheduled job, and then click Change Priority.   Select the new priority.  see attached



sorry here is the attachment

sorry here is the attachment

ah ha.. . .thought that they

ah ha.. . .thought that they were all set to highest, but this job was not.  Made the change.  Will see tonight if that did the trick or not.

Thanks for your help.


good, I'll keep my fingers

good, I'll keep my fingers crossed

That was the ticket. Thanks

That was the ticket.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Can't beleive I missed that.

Have a great weekend.


Hello Everyone! I need more

Hello Everyone!

I need more feedback regarding multi-server backup jobs!  This time I need feedback on upgrading your multi-server backup jobs from BE 2010 to an upcoming release of Backup Exec.

So these sessions will be different.  I want everyone who participates to use their own data, so to participate, you will need to send me a copy of your BE database (I will send instructions).  Also, your database will be secured!

Before your session, I'll be taking your database and installing it in a VM with your current version of BE 2010. Durring the session, you'll run through the upgrade on that VM and get to see how your multi-server jobs will upgrade.

What I'm looking for:

  • How well this works for you
  • Is functionality that you need missing
  • What you like/dislike

If you are interested, please check the available sessions.  Once you select a time, I'll get you the instructions to FTP a copy of your database up, but I can't hold the session till it's been received.

These sessions are very different than my normal usability sessions, if you have ANY questions, please don't hesitate to contact me either via email directly or post it here!!

Regards... Elizabeth


I have to admit that I very

I have to admit that I very disappointed.  I installed BE 2012 without checking the forum.  Mistake #1.  I went from using 12.5 right to 2012.  Mistake #2.  I'm seriously considering uninstalling 2012 and starting over from scratch (installing BE 2010).  My only concern is that I invested a lot of time getting BE 2012 configured with a new tape drive.  Can someone give me a suggestion on resolving this problem with backing up multiple servers on a single tape like I could in 12.5? 

Hi slappeee, Cool!    

Hi slappeee,

Cool!     Thanks.

Seems like everything this

Seems like everything this company gets its hands on goes to crap. EndPoint, Internet Security. These products are soo bloated, run so slow, kill the machine they are running on and to top it off, don't stop a thing.

Backup Exec. Worked great when Veritas owned it. No pretty screens it just worked. Why didn't it have pretty screens when Veritas owned it? Probably because they knew what we know. Servers are lucky to have 8MB of video memory. Servers don't need to be weighed down by bloaty software (they are never fast enough for the end user as it is).

Spent thousands of dollars over the years since Symantec has owned it and it has gotten worse every year.

Symantec you ruined AV protection so I left you for a better product.

Symantec you ruined backup protection so everyone should leave you. You can't be trusted with people's most important asset. Their data.


We have decided not to renew

We have decided not to renew our support with Symantec.  They are unable to develope for what the customer really needs and their support people are unable to...well, support their product.  We have had nothing but problems with Symantec and their backup software, especially when we upgraded to 2012.(HUGE MISTAKE).    We are now looking for a better solution for our data backups.  I too, miss Veritas!