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When did BE 2012 R2 suddenly

When did BE 2012 R2 suddenly become a Service pack rather than a release?

I went to the Symantec symposium last year and we were told R2 "early 2013'. Now I have signed up for beta realease because basically our backups dont work, and after accepting my 3rd amended 'project schedule agreement' I am told the beta SP2 will finally be available in May 2013, yet its not an R2.


No Confidence Maxgeo.  They

No Confidence Maxgeo.  They are NOT correcting the problem with SP2, only adding platforms.  You'll have to WAIT AND WAIT AND WAIT while your backups continue to fail for some mysterious 2014+ Release of a new product before you can even find out if they truely did address our problems.


If we complain too much in a thread, they just lock the thread and open a new one with a short promise of work.  Then never respond to valid questions.

No PM in the thread.  Interesting.  We are moving EVERY SINGLE symantec product we have away because we can't get any communications.  Every word out of their mouth is a LIE! plain and simple.


They laid off their entire Ghost GSS development team, then hired some PM a year later that LIED to us all and said, :"keep the faith, I'm telling you we are working on a new release"   (Sound familiar?).


I'll be suprised if they have the guts to leave my comments or even more so... RESPOND TO THEM WITH ANOTHER LIE!


We're not FREE to continue to

We're not FREE to continue to use 2010, you CHARGE US if we want to continue to use 2010 while you piddle around and get NOTHING to your loyal customers.

Watch the beta blog here for

Watch the beta blog here for the latest info. Backup Exec 2010 R3 SP3 and Backup Exec 2012 SP2 are expected to go into Beta in May and GA in July.

Here are the questions I see

Here are the questions I see posed in this thread:

Maxgeo: we've called this a Service Pack because it affects both BE2010 and BE2012. Seemed less confusing than using two new R names. There's nothing significant in the choice of names though.

Alamosa: post the questions you have and I'll do my best to respond.
- I can tell you that we are building the jobs monitor into the next release but I don't have a date to share yet.
- I don't see any reason to delete your comments as they are fair and an accurate reflection of your position.
- Happy to have a PM respond if you'd prefer, but you'll get the same answers on dates. I'd rather they stayed heads down on customer research and defining the next release, but will gladly bring in the experts to field any question.
- If you are having backups fail, please let me know your case number and I can escalate your case.

Joseph Nicoletti and Strims: I'm sorry we can't do what you need and I hate to see a loyal customer go. I understand your frustration and don't blame you.

Don't forget that 2010 will remain supported until we have a seamless migration path to 2012.

That's the lay of the land as of today.


You understand you're asking

You understand you're asking customers to continue to pay thousands a year in maintenance fees to use a program from 2010?  How is that justifiable in your eyes?  Do you have any idea what a pain it is to go through symantecs licensing portal to downgrade license keys from 2012 to 2010 and then go through the pains of downgrading the software application?  All while paying Symantec for the priveledge?  You keep saying "we are still supporting 2010" like you're doing everyone a favor.  Just FIX THE PROBLEMS YOU CREATED and all could have been right in the world.


Drew, thank you for the

Drew, thank you for the response, but I don't see a way to save us as a customer either.  We've waited as long as we could for a fix to the BE 2012 problems, and the Ghost problems, and the Endpoint problems.

The simple fact that Symantec has been working on this for a year now and still can't get us a fix with BE 2012 Job Monitoring, while deciding to take 15 months to release a SP that doesn't address this issue seems to be short sighted and really affects our ability to continue to pay support fees.  I'm sure that BE 2014 will be out sometime 4th quarter of 2014 and will finally address everyone's Job Monitoring issues, but I just can't wait.

My RANT really doesn't help, but I was hopeful that something would be just over the horizon.  Now it appears it's not and I'm just disappointed that I have no choice but to move on.

Thanks again for the response.


Sorry answers are not

Sorry answers are not satisfactory. I have my renewal on the desk. I am not putting it through. Can anyone recommend an good alternative to Symantec?

Current looking at ARC

Current looking at ARC Serve.  Used them prior to Veritas but it has been a long time.

Funny thing was that we were thinking of changing antivirus to Symantec priror to this screwup but will now have to look elsewhere for that as well.


We need to explain to our

We need to explain to our superiors why we are paying maintenance for software that has proved to be completely unusable. It also seems as if the question of appropriately adjusted maintenance costs for those who have been screwed by this keeps on being avoided as well.

I hate to say it but I too find myself in a position where I simply have not got the option to wait any longer. There is no clear ETA on this and we cannot be expected to hope that that day while come on the offchance that it may come in time to still be of relavence while still having to pay the maintenance fees. To that end we have decided to terminate our Symantec BE licensing at the end of the current cycle as well.

To think that at one stage this was some of the best backup software out there.

Most unfortunate.

I used Arcserve long time ago

I used Arcserve long time ago as well. I assume it has moved on. I moved to Symantec for similar reasons that I am now moving away. Anyone recommend the current version of Arcsrve?

Ok, Ok, This is just mean! 

Ok, Ok, This is just mean!  and FUNNY.  While searching for a replacement to Backup Exec, I found this URL:



You'll note the following on the ad:


Backup Exec 2010 R3 for Windows Server Retail Version **Please note this product is downloaded direct from Symantec and comes with no support**





Pre BE2010.  Despite taking

Pre BE2010.  Despite taking to "Bob", "Jim" and 'Tom" in India, I found the support quite adequate and knowledgeable.

I'm 97% sure that we will not be renewing our maintenance.

I am also looking for alternatives for Endpoint A/V.  They really screwed that up as well.  Back when it was Pro Corp A/V the management console was awesome.  You can see what version everyone was on and when the last definitions were updated all in 1 page.  It was easy and intuitive to push out updates as well.

W.Lee, we decided not to go

W.Lee, we decided not to go with SEP anymore. We have switched to Kaspersky. To keep it to backup exec, we did renew our contract because we don't have the budget to buy something new flat out. Currently our backups are working...for now. But we are looking to anything else that is out there. Thank you everyone for keeping this issue up top, even if Symantec doesn't seem to be doing anything about it.

@wlee - would love to know if

@wlee - would love to know if you are using SEP 12.1.x...and if we can help you sort through this.

@kfichtner - sorry to see you leaving SEP.  would love to have an offline conversation with you to understand your concerns so we can get better.

I still remember the first

I still remember the first time I saw symantec's logo replace the veritas icon, I knew it was just a matter of time before it went to crap. I did downgrade to 2010 and everything is good for now, going to ride it as long as I can then go to an alternative. At that point we will be completly symantec free.

I had to down grade as well. 

I had to down grade as well.  We just want the same familiar product...why change so much when it has been a great product for so many years?  I am definitely moving on to another product soon.  There is no way anyone could work with this jacked up platform you created.  Go back to what worked or you will lose all your customers for sure!!!


I absolutely cannot use this

I absolutely cannot use this software. A separate job for each server is ludicrous.  I am so angry right now.  I just spent so much money on a license for this and it is very hard to get approval for anything around here. 


My primary backup server has BE 2010 R3 on it and it will not be upgraded at all.  In fact I am working on a complete overhaul of our backup/disaster recovery plan. It now does not include backup exec.

I see a lot of responses from

I see a lot of responses from Symantec Employees but for the life of me I haven't seen one actually address the topic of this post. What is the status of being able to run a single job that has more than one server selection?

buck614, we've prioritized

buck614, we've prioritized platform support on 2010 and 2012 ahead of bringing back this feature. Our thought is that there's no point in multiple jobs if you can't back up the environment in the first place. 

That means:
- Beta for the two service packs that bring Windows Server 2012 and vSphere 5.1 support is starting now with GA expected in early July.
- Seamless migration (or fixing the multi-server job monitor and other things) are in the following release. We'll get you a date when we get closer, but I'm fairly confident that you should not plan on anything earlier than the end of this year. That beta should open up this fall.

The official downgrade TechNote tells how to go back to BE2010 if you need to.

We're also working on a way to address maintenance renewals and expirations until we can get seamless migration in place. Stay tuned.