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Ability to bundle multiple servers in a single job

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Users including iammejutty; Steve Kratz; Mark McFarlane; PCTeamAdmin, among others requested the ability to bundle multiple servers in a single job.  We are happy to announce that In the next release of Backup Exec, the ability to bundle multiple servers returns.

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What happend with old promises about roolback some BE 2010 features to BE 2012, like multiples server in a single job?

no yet?

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Hi Roger -

That is still the plan for the next release for BE.  The recent release were service packs focused on platform support.  We are targeting the next full release to include a return of some features along with additional platform support, among other features.

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Hi Roger (and everyone else who is following this thread...),

PackMatt73 is correct, this is still the plan!  

To that end...

I'm looking for feedback regarding upgrading to a new version of Backup Exec. I'm looking for current customers who are running Backup Exec 2010 or 2012. This is the upcoming version that will have the multi-server backup job.

These sessions will be a bit different from regular usability sessions. You will be upgrading your backup jobs, not generic information. To participate, you will need to send me a copy of your BE database (I will send instructions).

Before your session, I'll be taking your database and installing it on a VM with your current version of Backup Exec. During the session, you'll run through the upgrade on that VM and get to see how your installation of Backup Exec will upgrade.

If you are interested in participating, please email directly  Once I have your database, I'll send you information to schedule up a time for our session.

Regards… Elizabeth

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As a returning user to BE (after a hiatus due to corporate policies) purchasing BE2012 after our company restructured, only to find this product absolutely crippled in every way (no multi server backup, no granular recovery of VM's with GPT disks) will i either be A)Eligable for licensing downgrade to 2010, or B) Eligable for free licensing upgrade to restore ACTUAL FUNCTIONALITY to a backup product. (HINT: if i have to pay to get the ability to back up multiple servers in one job, the funds will not be on a symantec product.)

Prior to the hiatus, BE was the my go to product for backups, as it was so reliable, now, it's not much use to man nor beast, as our critical company data is at risk, all down to poor decisions made to remove KEY features from such a business critical peice of software.


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Hi Digitalinventor


Whilst Elizabeth is monitoring issues regarding the multi-server backup questions and trying to recruit candidates to test our planned/future solution, I thought I would try to at least explain something about your GPT disk comment.

When we do GRT backups we make use of the vStorage programming interface (API) provided by VMware in their developer kit (vddk) . Whilst we use some of these API calls for all VM backup types, GRT enabled backups specifically use functionality provided by the VixMntapi interface/library. Unfortunately VixMntapi does not support handling of GPT disks, which is why Backup Exec cannot support them for GRT.

The vddk release notes (from Vmware) do mention the VixMntapi limitation against GPT

Seach these notes for either GPT or Vixmntapi and you will find the information. Note: as the above link is from VMware's point of view, Backup Exec's use of the VixMntapi is not discussed in the same page.

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Many thanks for the quick response and clarification on the GRT on GPT issues, looks like this is something Vmware needs to address.  The irony is that this would have solved my multi server  in one job issue as well (one Vcentre based backup with granular recovery of all my VM's) but that is a side point.

If you are looking for test candidates, please count me in, as any feedback from your user community can only help to better the future products you release.

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Here you go. The beta registrations for 2012 R2 are open

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In 2010 you had this very handy tape to tape copy or tape to disk copy. This function has allowed me to copy older tapes and consolidated them as one new backup job. This in the past has helped me to reduce the amount of tapes as I could utilise newer technologies with higher capacity. This process has also allowed me to test and rehydrate the data.

I would really appreciate if this can be reinstated as I’m approaching close to 500 tapes that could be consolidated to a much more reasonable number.


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We are now into Q2 2014 and I have yet to see a resolution to the inability of Backup Exec 2012 to backup multiple servers in a single job to a single tape device.

We are still running BEWS 2010 but are looking at upgrading servers to Windows server 2012 and now I find that you can't even install BEWS 2012 on a Windows 2012 server??

What happened to Backup Exec? Why has it become something completely useless to the mid to small business model? Why does Symantec want to brush us under the rug?


Still very disappointed.


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Support for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Server 2012 as media servers comes with BE 2014 which is currently in Beta.


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also see this update for additional information:

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Nice to know that support is coming with BE 2014 which is in beta.

I really should point out that Windows server 2012 RTMed in September 2012. I also refer to the post way up at the top of this page dated "Created: 12 Jul 2012 • Updated: 20 Nov 2012".

"Users including iammejutty; Steve Kratz; Mark McFarlane; PCTeamAdmin, among others requested the ability to bundle multiple servers in a single job. We are happy to announce that In the next release of Backup Exec, the ability to bundle multiple servers returns."

May I humbly submit that you are slightly behind schedule.

Does it seriously take this long to resolve this? What should have happened is release Backup Exec 2010 R4 and add Windows server 2012 & 2012 R2 support. Certainly it was a far better product with all the features we needed then the shameful disgrace that is Backup Exec 2012. Backup Exec 2010 was indeed the end of an era.

In my case we have stopped paying our yearly license renewals and have pritty much dropped Backup Exec completely.

Really very sad how such a good product that I have used my whole working career for backups has been so badly destroyed. It will never see production on any of my networks ever again.

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Praise ourselfs lucky we live in a free and democratic world. Yes, SBE went to some horrible times, but there currently is more then promises or hope, 2014 Beta is running... While some quit SBE, others like myself kept faith, continue to build on SBE 2014 and rely on years of experience, with a coompetitive advantage.

Let the complaining VAR's/dealers etc... run to another brand and fill/spoil their forums. It just doesn't make sense to keep hacking in to it while the solution is available. Stop it!

I'm lucky to be on board.