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I'm writing to you cause I have a question about the NDMP option.
I already open a case but we are not convinced about what they told us. Could you help us please ?

The Issue:
We have a Backup server (Physical Dell server with W2012) with BE 2014, and we have a EMC VNX used for NAS.
We have a Tape Library HP MSL 2024 g3 SAN attached to the EMC and the Backup exec server through a SAN switch.
We Have Enterprise server Option for BE2014 which includes SSO.
FC switches are Cisco switches, Zoning is ok : the BE server can see the Tape Lib, and The VNX can see the Tape Lib as well.
We would like to have the capability to use this kind of NDMP backups : Direct NDMP In order to backup EMC NAS data to Tape library with direct stream between the storage area and the Tape Lib (as above)
The issue is when we launch a NDMP backup from the EMC to the Tape Lib, the DATA stream goes through the BE server instead of streaming data through FC between EMC and the HP Tape Lib.

Support, replied us :
The tape Library and the Backup Exec server are connected directly through the SAN switch. But the configuration We require is Tape Drive Directly connected to  The NDMP  and not the SAN switch, the NDMP Device Should be connected the SAN switch. I have Attached an image of Figure you shared , with the Modification required . could you please check it and Let me know if you have any queries .
The Tape Drive must be connected directly to the EMC Device, as you can see in the architecture diagram , the Backup Exec server and the NDMP filer are the only Devices attached directly to the switch. Here the"This requires the NDMP host to be SAN attached and zoned to see the tape library" Refers to the Proper Connectivity Between the NDMP and Tape drive I,e the Tape Drive should display under the  NDMP Device when configured in the Backup exec console.

So, we tested that, deleted and reconfigure the NDMP device in BE, but now, as we expect, the Tape library have a Drive Offline, and nothing is display under the NDMP device.

Are you agree with the support answer? does the Tape Library really must be direct attached to the NDMP device and not SAN connected (through SAN Switch)?

In the Admin Guide we can read :You can use the following configurations to back up data from a NDMP server:[....¨] A configuration in which any storage device is attached to the same SAN as the Backup Exec server

I am at your disposal for further informations.
Thanks for your help,


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No, I do not agree with the

No, I do not agree with the answer from support.  I think that is how it used to be when NDMP was new to BE.

The HCL states:

Data travels from NDMP disk to a tape device on the same NDMP host, or from NDMP disk to a tape device on a SAN. Backup data is NOT sent over the local Ethernet network. The tape device is connected directly to the NAS device via SCSI or Fibre Channel. This is the only NDMP Connection Method that is "LAN free".

Do you have the NDMP option license for BE?  Without that license, your backups would not be "LAN free".


Perhaps this blog will

Perhaps this blog will help



I can't see your diagram but

I can't see your diagram but the answer from support is correct, the tape library must be attached to the back of the EMC storage array (however this can be via any connection technology supported by the disk array) . If needed it can also be attached to the media server for windows agent capability as well as NDMP option. Please bear in mind that in the statement quoted by Larry Fine, the NDMP host is the EMC disk array and although not specifically stated the SAN connection MUST be to the disk array but can be shared/zoned to other devices. The sentence  quoted by Larry Fine does not really explain this very well as we are trying to cover for SCSI, SAS etc connections as well as SAN. I suppose what I am trying to say is a SAN connection is still a direct connection, it is not a LAN connection.


If you have ONLY zoned/connected the library to the media server then data will move over the LAN.


Please see my blog as posted by pkh


Ok, thanks for your answer.

Ok, thanks for your answer. That's what we tried since the beginning...

and yes, we have the licence for NDMP backup.

Colin, I didn't reply earlier to you email answer to thank you, and I'm sorry for that. So thank you for your answer Smiley Happy




Once suggstion to test

Once suggstion to test aagainst is only zone the library and drives to the EMC, then prove that the NMP backups can work before zoning in the media server to do agent backups (if needed)