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Access Denied on BlackberryHandheldInfo msg

Level 5

Using Exchange 2003, Backup Exec 10d with SP4, and Blackberry 5.0.4.

During an old style brick level backup of the exchange mailboxes we find we have been getting the following message for everyone with a blackberry device:

Backup- \\server\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes

V-79-57344-33928 - Access is denied.
Access denied to the file firstname surname BlackberryHandlheldInfo.


No subject



Normal information store backups work fine, and brick level backups back everything else up apart from the above email message which has no subject in the root of the BackberryHandheldInfo folder in the users mailbox.  When I untick the two 'No Subject' email messages in this folder the brick level backups work.  Is this a problem with backup exec, or Exchange?

Blackberry have assured me the BlackberryHandheldInfo folder within the mailbox needs to be captured.

AV Scanning is not an issue, this is either a permissions thing which I doubt as Backup Exec captures everything else in this folder or Backup Exec's ability to cope with these messages being locked in the users mailbox, possibly because its version 10.

Ideas or suggestions welcome.




Level 5
In addititon to this I see a lot of chatter on other fourms about upgrading to Backup Exec 11, can any support personnel comment on this?

Employee Accredited Certified

Well 11D or later does add GRT support which means you onlt need to do an Information Store backup to have the ability to restore indivdiual messages so it might help.


Are these Blackberry messages hidden or special in some way or are they just normal e-mail messages visible directly in the users Inbox in Outlook?

Level 5

They look to be special\hidden emails stored above the top of information store level folder but under the root of the users mailbox.  Had also read certain security updates might also cause this but that doesnt feel right, shouldnt have to uninstall security updates.