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Access denied. Please edit the remote credentials and retry the validation.


after upgrade from BE2012 ti BE2014 I met strange behavior. I can connect to my servers and see content and backup them but when trying to install agent remotely, "Acess denied....." appears. There is no FW. No luck with DNS name or IP address.

Something similar occured when adding new server in another subnet. Servers name is resolved via local hosts file and can be added into the servers list but when first job runs, error appears and have to add server by its IP address. Then backup jobs finishes.

Any suggestions?




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Is this helpful Push

Is this helpful

Push installation of Backup Exec Remote Agent fails with the error "Access Denied. Please edit the remote credentials and retry the validation."

Article:TECH124605  |  Created: 2010-01-12  |  Updated: 2012-10-01  |  Article URL

...adding a server via IP

...adding a server via IP address sounds like a DNS issue, so check that out. You can also look at putting in an entry to the media server's hosts file for that particular server that you mentioned.

As for the others, are they in a different domain at all, or all in the same domain? Are they also in different subnets?

Any AV installed, and have you perhaps tried to stop and disable it? Failing that, what happens when you run the installation locally on the servers giving you this issue?


I've read this article but to

I've read this article but to me, it does not look like WMI side problem. That error appears on all servers (2003, 2008, 2008R2) and occured right after upgrade to 2014.

Thx anyway

As I mentioned in my first

As I mentioned in my first article, server that is available by IP address only is new one. Old ones are listed by names and no prob at all. And yes, I put that new server into local hosts file.

Some servers are in workgroups and in different network. Others are on the same subnet and domain as Media server. Error is same for both groups.

Local installation of agent runs without problems, altready did that. Tried to stop AV but to na avail...

specify the complete name

specify the complete name like ""

What is the windows version on your client server

Yes, its name is

Yes, its name is servername.domain.whatever. Windows server 2012 standard.

But the point is that NONE of my servers can be reached by remote agent install utility. And that happend right after upgrade to BE 2014. Backup jobs run normally as before.

That doesn't sound right,

That doesn't sound right, unless your remote servers are running agent versions not supported by BE 2014.

I would suggest logging an official call with Symantec, and posting back here with an update once they've helped you!