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Active Directory Backups zu gross


ich möchte mit BE2012 eine Active Directory Datenbank sichern. Der Domain-Controller ist eine VM (VMWare vSphere 5.0), der Agent ist installiert.

Das Problem ist, das jedes Backup ca. 19GB gross ist, sowohl Full als auch Incremental.
Im Job ist "Systemstatus" zum Backup ausgewählt, Unterpunkte, u.a. Active Directory, werden angezeigt, sind aber ausgegraut und lassen sich nicht einzeln an- oder abwählen. Ausser dem Systemstatus ist nichts ausgewählt.

Gibt es eine Möglichkeit, nur das AD zu backuppen, sodass einzelne Objekte wiederherstellbar sind und ohne dass dafür 19GB benötigt werden?

Vielen Dank im Vorraus.

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AD database can be backed up

AD database can be backed up only through System State of the Domian Controller.

You cannot take inceremental backup of a System state. Backup Exec (or any other software)

will always take a full backup of the System state.

Note: To perfrom GRT restore of AD objects you need Agent for Active Directory (ADRA)


ok, so AD-backups are this

ok, so AD-backups are this big... but I have another problem:
I want to restore a single object from the AD-backup, but the "recover" (Wiederherstellen) - button is greyed out for this job. I can search the storage for this job and see the single AD-entries, so GRT is working.

How do I recover single objects?

Thanks in advance.


Are you using Active Diectory

Are you using Active Diectory Recovery Agent (ADRA) ?

Refer to the below link to restore individual objects

Are you using Active Diectory

Are you using Active Diectory Recovery Agent (ADRA) ?

I believe so, but how can I verify it? Licencing info shows, it is licenced and installed. But when I configured the backup-job I could only choose "Agent for Windows Servers" for installation.

The articles are for BE2010, I am using BE2012... and I cant even create a restore-job, because i cant click the button...


Could you post a screenshot

Could you post a screenshot of the BE console where restore button appears to be greyed out.


sure, here is the

sure, here is the screenshot

DC03 is the domain cotroller with AD to be backed up. The job was successful as you can see.


solved the problem.   I just

solved the problem.


I just deleted the job and created a new one, recovery of single objects is now working. No idea what caused the problem with the button though, job properties are the same as before.