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Add-BEBackupSelection Slow Processing

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Hi All,

I am not sure if anyone else has this issue with performance with adding selection lists. I am attempting to script a Migration from BE 2010 to BE 15. I have most of what I need, I am just at the stage of trying to improve performance.

Currently I am stuck with Add-BEBackupSelection, its taking almost 3 minutes per job, which you can imagine x100 Ill be faced with 5 hours of processing, just updating selection lists. I can achieve the same task via the GUI under a minute, so I am curious if I am doing the right thing with the piece of code or not.

Here is an example:

Add-BEBackupSelection -BackupDefinition JobName -AgentServer AgentServer -Selection Selection | save-BEBackupDefintion -force

Any idea how to improve this speed, or maybe another cmdlet that can achieve this a bit faster?

Kind Regards,



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You don't have to migrate your jobs manually.  When you upgrade to BE 15, your jobs would be automatically upgraded.

BTW, you should be migrating to BE 16 which is the latest version of BE.

We have done that with other boxes, but we are left in a bit of a unique situation. I cannot procure another server, and I need to rebuild the server, so I have to effectively export configs and rebuild it when I reinstall the box.

As for the 16/15 debate. Its all got to do with the remote agents and the SHA it supports. 15.1 is the only version that I know of that supports both SHA1 & 2. so I have to use it as a stepping stone, upgrade remote agents and then I can think of upgrading

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You should upgrade BE using the existing configuration, shutdown all the BE services and make a copy of the Data and Catalogs directory.

After you have rebuilt your server and install BE, stop all the BE services and replace of the Data and Catalogs directory with the copy you have made earlier.  After restarting all the BE services, you would be where you have left off.

Thanks pkh, Ill see if I can do that. - That will solve the migration part.


Going back to the cmdlet now, simply out of pure scripting curiousity? Anyone else script a large amount of jobs before and found it slow?