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Advanced Disk Based Option and Tape

Hi all,

I'm new at BackupExec, and need to know how to configure ADBO to move diary backups to a tape (or library) during night.


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Refer this for ADBO:


About the Advanced Disk-based Backup Option


The Advanced Disk Based

The Advanced Disk Based Option is used by very few people.  Why Symantec charges for that feature is abbsurd, when half of it doesn't work reliably at all.  

Basically it's used for two things.  SAN based snapshot backups with a compatible SAN storage device, or for Synthetic backups.  It's the latter feature that has been broken in multiple versions of BackupExec.

I do not think this is the option you are looking for.  And can you clarify what you meant by "Diary Backups?"  Bad spelling I can figure out, that word used is just confusing.