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After Exchange upgrade backups no longer working


I recently upgraded our Exchange Infrastructure (Database Availability Group) from Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5 to Exchange Sever 2013 CU 11. I also upgraded Exchange on the Backup Server (Media Server) to Exchange Server 2013 CU11.

I have restarted both members of the DAG and the Backup Exec Server but keep getting the following error when trying to backup the DAG: -

V-79-57344-34070 - Snapshot Technology: Initialization failure on: "Microsoft Information Store". Sn...
Snapshot technology error (0xE0008516): The database specified for the snapshot was not backed up be...
Check the Windows Event Viewer for details. "

Any troubleshooting steps much appreciated.

We are running Backup Exec 2014 Version 14.1 Rev 1786.

Is Exchange Server 2013 CU11 supported in this version of Backup Exec?



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Re: After Exchange upgrade backups no longer working



BE 2014 only shows up to Exchange 2013 CU8 as being supported.

BE 15 with the latest Feature Pack however does support Exchange 2013 CU11:

You would need to upgrade to this in order to have a supported configuration.