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After Update to 20.6: An error occurred while writing to the Backup Exec database

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After we installed the Update from Backup Exec 20.4 to 20.6 sometimes we got this error. Obviously, however, all data is backed up. But it remains a strange feeling with this error:

Order ends on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at 02:00:05
Completion status: Failed
Final Error: 0xe0000f09 - An error occurred while writing to the Backup Exec database. The data from the backup source of this job will not be saved until the next full or incremental backup is performed.
Final error category: resource error

Additional information about this error can be found under link V-79-57344-3849

The Backup Exec Server itself is not backed up at this time. AV has been deactivated preventively with no luck.

After a few days the error disappears and the job runs normally. randomly it comes back...

Thanks for any hints and replies!


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Try running a repair of the BEDB. Backup Exec backs up the BEDB nightly (bedb.bak). It is not intrusive and makes no changes to the BEDB, but will fix any errors. Also make sure that BE has been fully patched too through LiveUpdate.

Hello CraigV,

thank you for your reply. BE is fully patched through LiveUpdate.

You mean DB repair through BEUtility right?

Unfortunately, repairing the database did not improve the situation. The problem continues to occur randomly. I have read that this error occurs when there is not enough memory. Unfortunately, this option is also ruled out because there is enough RAM available.

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are these VM backups which are failing ? What is the backup strategy and retention chosen for the backup jobs ? Are you just running full backups of these VMs ?

Hello Gurvinder,

thanks for your reply. Yes its a job were only Hyper-V Cluster VMs are backuped up. The strategy is - every day full backup. No differential no incrementel. So there is actually no dependency on other orders.

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is it possible to increase retention of the backup set ( atleast 2 days ) and then monitor.

Hello Gurvinder,

thank you. I will set the rentention from 1 to 2 days and give feedback if this brings success.