After user name change cannot connect to XP system to backup

Even though Beremote is running on 2 of my XP system the backup exec will not connect to or backup the 2 workstation that hte user names had changed! I have made sure it is trying to login with the new user name and password but I still cannot connect to the XP workstations to backup any files from these 2 computers!

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What version of Backup Exec

What version of Backup Exec are you using?

 Try reinstalling RAWs manually on the remote servers.  see this document for steps to install RAWS:  http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH128757

Version 10d I have tried

Version 10d I have tried unistalling the Beremote from the command line and reinstalling it again but not luck. On all my XP work station I have always used the command prompt to instalkl beremote! Thanks Chet

If you are using DLO see if

If you are using DLO see if this link is helpful.   http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH63802

Just a thought here...... If

Just a thought here...... If I understand you correctly,a given WinXP user name password was changed.  If I recall correctly and assuming the user account the password was changed for is the same user account used by BE to access the remote agent, then shouldn't the remote agent user account password also be changed to match?

Doug A.

OK I’m not sure I am

OK I’m not sure I am explaining this correctly. We have Backup Exec Server 10d that backs up 3 server with agents installed from the backup exec server it’s self. Then we have 20 XP work stations it backs up the have the XP agent installed “beremote” installed by going to a command prompt then going to the server directory RANT2 and typing setup.exe /rant32 –s –boot ! From the server when browsing under Selection to backup each Workgroup work station is has me enter the login and password to that system! These 2 work station worked fine until the person quit and we had a new user come to use the work station and changed the login and password. I have changed it on the server also when I try to go under backup Selections again to select what to back up but it will not connect saying there is no agents installed. I can see the beremote is running on the work stations. I have remove by using the setup.exe –s –u which I verify the beremote is go the reinstall with setup.exe /rant32 –s –boot. Still no luck trying to browse on the server and connect to the work station even though it see the computer under selection it just will not connect saying there is no agent?

You might check the

You might check the bkupinst.log (in the Windows root directory) for installation errors.  You might also want to review the command line (silent) installation section of the BE10d Admin Guide (http://www.symantec.com/business/support/index?page=content&id=DOC2353), particularly page 794.  Also, check your command syntax.