After years of pain, we're done


I go back to Seagate with Backup Exec. We've used it for years, since the middle 90's.

But I've had it. I'm done. 

This is now the worst software product I think I've ever encountered. And we're in tech.

The product sucks, the support is worse.

We installed 2014. Nothing but problems. We're a small company. It's so bad we literally have to dedicate on person to baby sitting Backup Exec. 

The support is terrible. Each time I create a case I spend half the call asking the rep to repeat themselves, because they're in some other country. When a case is escalated up to guys who speak English, it takes them a week to call. Then it's at least a week between calls. I had one case that went on for a month. Finally I gave up.

The highlight of this product was Seagate. It's gone downhill since. Symantec has all but ruined it. Word on the street is that Symantec doesn't want to be in teh backup business anymore. It's easy to tell -- their product speaks volumes.

We're moving to Barracuda, ASAP. 

If I was you, I'd avoid Backup Exec like the plague. It's complicated, buggy, not reliable. It chews up time and money. The support is terrible. 

Backup Exec is not expensive and Barracuda is 4x the cost. But I'd rather pay 4x more and get a good product. Hopefully with Barracuda I'll get my time back. In which case I'll be saving money by using Barracuda over Backup Exec.

I feel like Symantec owes me a lot of money for all the time they've wasted and all the stress I've gone through to backup what is a simple configuration.