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Agent Does Not Support GRT

So I have been getting this error when backing up a Server 2016(DC) from a Server 2012 R2 Server(BE/Media Server). When it backups the SystemState I do have GRT enabled but it keeps giving me the following error. Which I do understand is becasue the BE Server is 2012r2 vs 2016.

"The Agent for Windows on this backup source does not support Granular Recovery Technology because the backup source is running a later version of Windows than the Backup Exec server. A backup was run, but you will not be able to restore individual items from the backup sets"

But the real question I have is do I need to have GRT enabled for the SystemState? I had always understood the SystemState usually had to restore fully anyway and not with seperate components that GRT give


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Re: Agent Does Not Support GRT

Active directory recovery feature helps to restore individual objects within active directory, example : user accounts, there attributes etc. w/o needing to do an authoritative restore. you can read about it in the admin guide

Check the note in the Software Compatibility List for the reason for that exception -
Check under Agent for application and database compatibility -> Microsoft -> Microsoft -Windows Active Directory
To perform a GRT-enabled backup of an Active Directory Application Server on Windows 2012 R2 or later, the Backup Exec server must be the same version or a later version of Microsoft Windows. Please see the following TechNote for further details