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Agent RALUS unable to connect to Oracle Instance

Hi All,

I have problem during configure RALUS for oracle. I've got this message during config oracle instance :

Configuring the Oracle Agent
     Choose one of the following options:
     1. Add a new Oracle instance to protect
     2. Edit an existing Oracle instance
     3. Delete an existing Oracle instance
     4. View Oracle instance entries that have been added in the Remote Agent Utility
     5. Quit
     Please enter your selection: 1
     Select an Oracle instance to configure
          Entry 1. PROD
          Enter the number 0 to go back
     Enter your selection: 1
     Enter the Oracle database SYSDBA user name: sys
     Enter the Oracle database SYSDBA password:
     Re-enter password:
     Validating credentials.......
The Oracle instance may be down.  Start the instance, and then try logging on again.
     Enter the Oracle database SYSDBA user name:

However the oracle instance already mounted and open....uninstall and install ralus but the problem still exist, i have face this for many days but still no luck, please any advice for this.....



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Re: Agent RALUS unable to connect to Oracle Instance


When running the AgentConfig utility please confirm if you are logged in as ROOT account on the Oracle server. There are two parts in the AgentConfig 

Step 1. Configure database access - In this enter the Linux user (named 'Oracle' on most of the setups), which has access to the oracle binaries

Step 2: Configure Oracle instance information - Select the instance PROD and use SYS account and try it again. In case you are running Oracle 12c do not use SYS account. You need to use an account that has only the SYSBACKUP role. There is user named SYSBACKUP or you can create one and grant only SYSBACKUP role.

If you still run in to the same error. Please debug the Agent configuration provide the debug log. You can refer the following technote