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Agent for Applications & Databases

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I recently installed Backup Exec 2015 on my Server which is running Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Service Pack 1 operating system. This server is connected to HP LTO Tape Drive. I configured Full Backup Job which is scheduled to run every night at 11 PM. The Full Backup includes all the drives and system state. Disaster Recovery indicator is also shown ON (Green Color). The Backups are happening successfully every day. Every day after the successfull backup, Disaster Recovery Information File is also copied on a different server just to be safe. I also created a Simplified Disaster Recovery Disk and burned into a CD.

Now my question is about performing Recovery of this Server in case of a disaster. This server has a SQL Server Database installed on it. IIS Manager is also installed on this server on which some websites are hosted which are using the SQL Server Database. A Desktop Application is installed on this Server which is also using this SQL Server Database. This Desktop Application is being used by some users via Remote Desktop Files.

I would like to ask if I need to purchase Agent for Applications & Databases in order to perform recovery of Desktop Application, Sites, & SQL Server Database. I am asking this question because in SQL Server Databases are not part of Simplified Disaster Recovery. And my License Information Tab is showing 'Agent for Applications & Databases' is installed but 57 of 60 says remaining under 'License'. See attached bitmap.

Thanks & regards

Ajay Kumar 



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Hello Ajay,

Each Backup Exec Server license includes 1 Agent for Windows to protect the local physical Backup Exec Server. For any other agent/option on the Backup Exec server, you'll need to buy those agent/option licenses. In your scenario, I see that you have various applications making use of the SQL Server Database. In order to backup the complete SQL Server Database you'll need 1 Agent for Application and Databases license. 

For more details please refer to the attachment posted on this page: 
How Agents and Options are Licensed in Symantec Backup Exec 15 (Licensing Guide)

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Thanks! Siddhant.

Will 1 'Agent for Application and Database License' also enough to backup the different Applications & Websites hosted on this Server?

Can I restore my server completely (as it was earlier) if I buy this 1 License? I understand that as part of Simplified Disaster Recovery

SQL Server Database will not be restored and I have to first install the Agent and afterwards SQL Server Database will be restored.

Is this correct?