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Agent for Sharepoint 2007???

Level 2
Exist Agent Backup Exec 11d for Sharepoint 2007??? I install Sharepoint 2007 and i register agent in Backup Exec 11d for Sharepoint 2003, but i dont view Databases for Sharepoint 2007. Exist?? is possible???

Level 4
Hello Tropoglar,

Backup Exec 11d, build 7170 will have support for Sharepoint 2007 in a future hotfix release.

If you want to receive notifications for Backup Exec updates, please go to the Backup Exec Portion of the Symantec Web site (

There you can signup for "e-mail notifications".

Level 3
Hi there,
Can anyone confirm the Backupexec 11d support Sharepoint server 2007 backup?
Daedalus Com

Level 4
Symantec originally promised this support by March 31, 2007.  It is still not available, and Symantec will not project when it will become available.
Do not hold your breath waiting for BE 11d to support Sharepoint 2007.
Find a different solution.
If you are curious for more information, search this forum for "sharepoint", sort by date, and read the history.
Good luck - you'll need it.

Level 3
Thanks Joe...  Appreciated!
Do you have any soloution for backing up the shared documents folder and possible restore individual file from there.?
Thanks in advance!

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It's finally here (Hotfix 6, for BE11d)-- just one problem, in my case I have the Sharepoint agent enabled but Liveupdate wasn't smart enough to see that and update me with Hotfix 6- so I have to do it manually...hopefully someone at Symantec picks up on this...