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Agentless BackupExec backup?

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A colleague swears that several years ago, before I came onboard with the company, that they use to be able to do agentless backups with Backup Exec.  I have worked with the product for several years and have never heard of such a thing.  Why purchase agents if you can run backups without an agent?!  Has anyone heard of this functionality in Backup Exec 2010 and if so, how would I go about configuring such a backup?


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Short history of BackupExec licensing policy (I may be a version off, one way or the other on some of these - As Poirot calls them "the little grey cells" are getting kinda old wink )


years ago  (v6?  -  v7?)  You needed a base serial for each media server, and on each could backup as many remote machines as you wanted to. (using the NTAA speeded things up)

When data centers got bigger and bigger (v8 I think),  Veritas changed the licensing scheme to per media server AND per target server.  You also did not need to install a Remote Agent on the target servers, though you could to speed things up (the old NTAA)

Then with v9, Veritas required a RAWS serial to even connect to any resource that BackupExec thought was a serverOS (Desktop OSes, you needed the Agent installed, but did not have to purchase them), and with v11 ( maybe v12?) this was changed to ANY remote machine, Windows or Linus, Desktop or ServerOS needed to have a purchased Remote Agent serial.   Even if you could not install the agent on the target like for a NAS box, you still had to have a RAWS serial installed on the media server for each remote machine


Does that answer the question?   smiley

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If you are thinking of backing up SHARES from the remote server then please check the following technote:

You will be able to backup the shares from the remote server but its not supported meaning if there are any problems with backups / restores then nothing much can be done. Moreover even if the backups are successfully completed its not gauranteed that the restore will be successful.

Also backing any remote servers without the Remote Agent License will be violation of Licensing agreement.

So when there are Don't more than Do's then why to go for it....:)




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..or where you looking for a way to backup data without an agent?

I've have had servers in my enviroment that had very little data that required backup (like 15-20MB) every day. I just replicated this data to another server (that had RAWS installed) via RSYNC and backed it up from there. Not the best solution for restores, but it was only 15MB of data - so it was managable.

Another quasi-agentless backup routine is backing up VMs running on a hypervisor (like VMWare ESX). You need to buy a license for the VMWare agent/option, and you still need an agent running inside the VM IF you want to do cool stuff like GRT enabled backups. This is how I backup my one and only remaning NT4 server that we just can't seem to get rid of (Symantec's agent doesn't support NT4).

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All great comments and suggestions!  Thanks to all for your help!