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Agents for Backup Exec 10d on Win2k

Level 3
Are the Exchange Server and SQL/Server agents sold separately? I have a Windows 2000 server, running Exchange 5.5 and SQL/Server 2000. How do I purchase Backup Exec with both the Exchange Server and SQL/Server agents? I can only find them on the Web site as one or the other, or neither. If I buy Backup Exec 10d without either agent, can I purchase just the agents in the future? Thanks.

Level 6
Each agent is sold as a separate option for BE.
Certainly you can purchase and add the agents at any time.

However, if your backup software is BE and you want to protect your Exchange environment, then you NEED the option. The Exchange agent option is the software that allows BE to make calls to Exchange, so that when you do a successful backup of the Exchange STORES, the Exchange transaction logs are flushed.

You do 'score' a little gain here. Your Exchange server is on the same box, so you're not really using the "remote" agent portion of the Exchange option (it's bundled with it). You could "re-use" the remote agent portion on, for example, a file server.

Level 6

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