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All Servers lost ability to see certain folders/drives

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On or around June 3rd all of my servers being backed up failed to run their jobs. I've worked with tech support to no avail and figured I would ask you all for any tips. 

The Error im getting on all ~35 of my servers for any job is: 

Job Log: BEX_S011-APBACKUP_27779,xml

Final error 0xe000942a - Backup Exec did not find any resources to include in the backup. Check the backup selections for this job to make sure it includes resources that are available for backup.
Final error category: System Errors

When I test the credentials, System logon account is a success, but the rest fail.
When I go into jobs, it gives me errors that backup exec cannot find the backup selection (starting with the C: Drive)..

Backup exec support has verified software patches are up to date, we tested permissions etc. but they have seem to run out of ideas. 

Any Tips? 

Thanks for your help. 



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Have you tried recreating your jobs?

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That error can be seen if you accidentally combine a mixture of include and exclude statements in a way that excludes everything.


Check the details view (text view) of the selections in your job to see if this is likely (also check the selections in the job against against global excludes that someone may have set.

As an example if you include D:\HOME\User1 but exclude D:\ then I believe it can return this error condition.

 Typically it is better to include the complete volume and then only exclude subfolders/files (without any further includes) OR not select the volume at all and only Include the subfolders and files that you want.

You will also get the errod if your includes are 100% something that should be backed up using a specific agent (for instance if you ony select an Exchange EDB file.