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Always fail on Exchange 2003 backup with 9.1

Level 2
BENT 9.1 4691
Agent for MSExchange
Remote Agent for Win Servers
Intelligent DR option
Advanced Open File Option

BENT installed on the Exchange server

The credential in use is the Domain Admin account, which does have rights on each mailbox.

Last night I created a new job specifically to backup Exchange (to flush the logs), with a new selection list.
The only items selected for backup are the Exchange Stores:
\\EXServer\Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes|*.* /SUBDIR
\\EXServer\Microsoft Exchange Public Folders|*.* /SUBDIR

Local Tape Drive
All Selections show 'FULL BACKUP'

As always, it fails...
I get 4 'directory not founds'

Two of these directories are mailboxes where the associated windows account is disabled... I am able to login to these mailboxes with the Domain admin account fine using OWA (http://exserver/exchange/mailboxname)

The other two mailboxes admittedly have something odd about them...
One was deleted several weeks ago... and no longer exists.
the other the account is gone, but the mailbox still there.

But, on previous jobs I have specifically excluded these mailboxes only to get a similar result of 'Directory Not Found', and the job fails...

I would love to see a job complete successfully.

Level 6
If you disable an account make sure that you give the SELF account full mailbox access. If an account is removed and the mailbox is still there you can remove the mailbox via the Exchange manager.

A van der Boom

Level 2
I have checked all the boxes for the SELF account, and will post back tomorrow after our backup tonight.


Level 6

You could delete the mailboxes that no longer exist from the selection list by shifting to the text view of the selections list instead of the graphic.

Hope it helps!

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