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Amazon S3 Bucket - share or connect with second BEX server?

Level 2

We have two Backup Exec 2015 FP4 servers, one CASO, one MMS at different sites via site-to-site links. We are testing the Amazon S3 connector on the CASO - so far so good.  It’s basically a giant disk-based storage device.  I heard it’s the Hotel California of storage (HA!) free to write to, minimal storage cost, expensive to get data out. 

So I’m thinking about DR and all that jazz, what if this server (or building) decides to melt down? How do we access the Amazon S3 bucket from the other server?  When I try to attach the existing bucket to the second server it won’t let me as this name already exists.  I was hoping it would be like a shared Dedupe storage, but no dice.  Just curious if anyone has this working – the same bucket with two servers – so that we can restore from either.  I suppose I can delete the AWS storage from the CASO and then connect to it on the MMS but I would hope that we can set this up before disaster strikes, not after.  I plan on testing this but though I would ask this community.