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Amazon S3-Standard-Infrequent Access support in BE 16 FP1

Backup Exec 16 FP1 announces Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access support.

S3 Standard-Infrequent Access is Amazon S3’s storage class for data that is accessed less frequently, but requires rapid access when needed.

As per Amazon, Standard – IA offers high durability, throughput, and low latency of Amazon S3 Standard, with a low per GB storage price and per GB retrieval fee. This combination of low cost and high performance makes Standard - IA ideal for long-term storage, backups, and as a data store for disaster recovery.

Starting with FP1, Backup Exec 16 lets you select Standard_IA as the Storage tier while you configure a cloud storage device for Amazon.

Using Amazon’s S3 Standard-IA storage class, Backup Exec can reduce the costs that you incur for backups taken over to cloud storage device, without making any changes to your application or affecting its performance.

Backup Exec supports all the standard backup and restore related functionalities for all agents and data-life cycle management capabilities that are supported for Standard and Standard_IA storage tiers