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Amount of data in folders being restored

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When configuring a restore, is there any way in BE 9.1 to see how much datais in a given folder while creating the restore job? We have run into problemsrestoring folders to a newly replaced W2K server. The original drives fromwhich the folders were backed up had quotas established for our users. Selected'Restore Quota Data' for restore, but some users' folders had much more datathan the restored quota for the same users, causing the restore job to failwith "Insufficient disk space." Would like to see how much data each useris having restored to their folder (when restoring several folders in onerestore job) before restoring so as to increase their quota first, if necessaryto avoid failed restore. BE knows the size of each file it backs up, it seems reasonable that it shouldbe able to tell me how much is in a given folder or tree.