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An unandled win32 exception occurred in beremote.exe

Level 3

I am currently backing up a dozen different Windows 203 and 2008 servers, everything from Files and Folders, SQL, Sharepoint, Active Directory... pretty much everything possible with the exception of Exchange. I am running BE 12.5 SP3. All Live Updates are done.

Recently just one of the servers is having an issue. BE will backup this server's files and folders without issue... and two of the three SQL instances. It gets to the third instance, and stops, saying "snapshot processing".

If I log into that server, there will be a message sitting on the console with Just-in-time visual studio debugger saying "An unandled win32 exception occurred in beremote.exe" If I dismiss this error, the backup will then continue, but at the very end says the backup failed.

The backup log has these entries:

The database server is not responding. Backup set canceled.
The connection to target system has been lost. Backup set canceled.

Any ideas?  Any other event viewer or job log information I can post that will be helpful?  TIA!

Level 3

To update and close off this thread, I got past this issue by running the following command:

drwtsn32 -i

This set DR. Watson to be the default debugger, rather than JIT Visual Studio.  Now the backup completed without hesitation.