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Ancient Backup exec tape restores (7.3)

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Hi I was wondering if anyone has any solutions to the following.

Short version is, is there still any way to get Catalogs / Data recovery from old DLT backup Exec 7.3 tapes now adays , and not spend weeks catalogging tapes.

I currently have an number of Old tapes that need to be occasionally restored for the next couple of years. These all are from an old ancient backup exec running on windows nt4 / backup exec 7.3 . There is no need to backup at this point. only Restore.
In order to have a backup machine incase the original dies (and to perhaps get something with better performance/usb and a few more windows features) we recently installed a more recent licensed version of Backup Exec 10d under 2003. All works 'normally' using the same scsi cards/tape backup drive but I am having a small issue with the catalogs.

The issue is with Reading the catalogs. The full catalog folder of files was moved over from the 7.3 and put onto the newer version 10d and surprisingly enough it did actually see all the old catalogs after services were started up, but the issue seems to be that the old catalogs did not get converted correctly since we only see some of the files/folders and there are many duplicates of the files and folders when listed.

Any hope here or are we stuck with the 7.3  untill it goes away. I see there was an old link with upgrade instructions for 7.3 to 10d but it seems long long dead.