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Another NEW feature in Backup Exec 15 FP3.

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What is it?

Provides a single place on the home page where all the configuration issues along with the possible corrective action is listed.

Home Tab.jpg


How does it help me?

  • Allows the backup administrator to view all the configuration related issues in the home page itself
  • Along with the nature of the issue, it also suggests the possible change in the configuration to self remedy the issue. If required a link to the knowledge base article is provided.
  • Provides a direct link to the place in UI where you can change the configuration.
  • It detects the best practices that can be followed so that the setup works optimally.
  • It saves time and effort that is spent in resolving configuration issues.

Feature Overview

  • On the home tab the Configuration Tasks shows the summary of the configuration tasks that needs attention.
  • These tasks are categorized as Critical, Warning and Informational.
  • On clicking the “View configuration task details” the following Widget will open

Config Tasks.jpg

  • Configuration task dialogues

Config Overview.jpg


  • On clicking  the link in the Action section the Backup Exec UI opens up directly where the required configuration can be done. And on completion that particular task is removed from the widget.




  • When outstanding critical tasks are detected, the home page icon image is changed as shown below.


Outstanding Tasks.jpg


  • This will indicate to the user to switch to the home tab. The number of unresolved critical tasks will be indicated in the icon.
  • Note that for warning and informational tasks the icon will not be changed.

Can I remove the Configuration task widget?

  • The widget cannot be removed from the home page if there are outstanding critical tasks.
  • If the widget has been removed by the user and a critical task is detected, then the widget will be automatically added.
  • If only warning and\or informational tasks are present, customers will be able to remove the widget.
  • To Enable /Disable this widget use the checkbox “Configuration Tasks” on the Home page ribbon


Enable Disable.jpg

We thank you our customer and partners for providing valuable feedback during the development cycle.  If you have any addition thoughts or constructive comments please let us know.


Thank you,

Backup and Recovery Product Management Team