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Another shoddy support experience from Backup Exec Technical Support.

Level 4

I have to share this with the wider world.

It seems that the solutions offered here are on a "best endeavours" basis and the experience I've had here has been very good, however, the experience I've had with the Backup Exec Technical Support team has, yet again, been appalingdespite promises to try and make things better. It seems they are indoctrinated into a certain way of behaving and then are completely immoveable and get by providing the minimal amount of support possible.

I've heard them described as "professional" but would describe my experiences with them as being anything but.

This is my latest experience:

181029-000902: ODBC Access Error – Event ID: 34326 Access to catalog index (Catalog index database) failed.
Opened 2018-10-29 11:57 UTC
Closed 2019-01-29 08:45 UTC (by me)

I was told and SQL script was needed to resolve this problem, then told this was not needed, then told that it was needed. Appeared no one actually knew what was needed.
Asked to carry out a procedure, procedure failed half way through as instructions did not match what was happening.
Support agents not reading case notes (again) and asking for the same things over and over again as a result (again).
41 day period with no answer (2018-11-30 12:40 UTC - 2019-01-10 08:58 UTC)
Failing in Veritas internal systems causing case to remain idle for so long and not be assigned to the correct team (not the first time Veritas' internal systems have caused problems).

I cannot be the only one with these problems, surely? Does anyone know how to get a better support experience from Veritas?


Employee Accredited Certified
If a case is not followed up or you are not happy with the level of support please involve the duty manager

Thanks for this Gurvinder.


I have the same expierence with support team.

I have a problem, i tried a lot of solutions (a,b,c,d ...)
And guess what, first thing i should try, is to establish solution a or b.

They haven´t read the case information at all.
I think next time i will call the duty manager first ...

Hi Juergen,

Have the escalation process provided by Gurvinder above handy when you call back.