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Anyone perform a complete DR of Exchange 2007 on Win2008 yet?

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So we were testing the DR process on a Win2008 SP2 server running Exchange 2007 SP2.  We've done this process dozens of times with Exchange 2007 running on Win2003, and have never had any issues.   We're using BE 12.5 SP2 with all the latest hotfixes.

After the restore, the exchange services failed to start.  Upon further investigation, the system attendant would not start because it could not find the file MAD.EXE in the /bin folder.  Sure enough, that file is not there!  Looking at the restore catalog, that file is not listed.  It is checked off in the backup job, and it is not reported as skipped or anything.   I checked this on 4 other Win2008/Exch 2007 servers we have out there, and they all exhibit the same issue.  

I created a test environment, and out of the box this issue happened again.  I have tried all combinations of AOFO and different snapshots, but the results were consistent, and when comparing the restored BIN folder, about 15 total files were missing (don't quote me on that).  As a workaround I made a copy of the BIN folder, all while Exchange was running - there were no warnings, and replaced the folder on my restored server and it worked.

I currently have a case open with support, but was just wondering if anyone else has done tried to DR their server, or if you could look in your restore catalogs and see if MAD.EXE shows up in the /BIN folder.


Tom Mucha


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Did you ever get this resolved?