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Appendable Media Selection

Level 2
I have BE V10d, W2K3 and 2 x 8 tape LTO3 Changers.
I have retricted each of my media sets to only one of the changers.
I want two consecutive backup jobs to use the same tape (media set).  The first job is an overwrite job, with pre and post commands (stops and starts a service). I then wish the 2nd backup job scheduled to append to the 1st job.  This does not appear to be happening.
Given that the changer may contain more than one tape as a member of the same media set, set to appendable , what is Backup Exec's selection criteria for the tape used for the 2nd backup job?
How can I make sure the correct tape is used?

Level 2
We recently moved to disk backup only, but I backed up with tapes on versions 8, 9, and 10 of Backup Exec.  It has been my experience that setting the backup job to "append to media, overwrite if no appendable media  is available." and leaving "Eject media after job completes" unchecked should continue the next job on the same appendable media.
I personally use this setting on all of my backups, then set the media to be appendable only for the length of my media rotation cycle. 
I'll use my system as an example.  I have a weekly rotation (Full backups on weekends, Differential backups on weekdays.)  My backups are all set to append then overwrite.  My media is set to allow append for 6 days and overwrite protect for 5 weeks (just over one month retension on dayly restores).  I never have more than the current tape appendable because it appends until full then overwrites the next tape (or file for disk backups).
David Simon

Level 6
Hi Frankklin - i'm a bit short of time right now, but this may help ...
I think you are confusing two BE concepts. "I want two consecutive backup jobs to use the same tape (media set).  "
This is a VERY common cause for confusion.
There are TWO factors at work.
With a tape library (your 8 slot)  partitions  determine which physical tapes are used by a job. You partition the slots, and then point a particular job at that partion.
Media sets   are, in fact, your rules which set out whether or not the tapes in the nominated partion are available for overwrite/append - as nominated in the job.
So, it's not the media sets which have to be restricted to the two changers.
Now, there are lots of pecularities in BE around "append", and a search of this forum should take you to a long recent thread.