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Q1. I'm running BE 2012 and i would like to test Archive feature. How do i get this archive and any licensing required?

Q2. Does BE 2012 support file replication functionality?





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Hi   Please check below link



Please check below link for License Guide ,which explains about licensing for archving option


Additionally check the link below





1) I believe you can enable

1) I believe you can enable the archive option for a 60-days trial.

2) No. BE 2012 does not support file replication.


Hi No there is no trial


No there is no trial option available for Archiving option as per the link below



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HI Nam, If you have the BE

HI Nam,

If you have the BE base license insstalled on your current BE 2012 system then you cannot trial the Archiving option like the technote above mentions. In that case you can setup a test BE server and keep it in Evaluation mode (without adding any BE licenses) and then you would be able to use the Archiving options in trial mode.

Please check the pre-requisites mentioned below before installing the FS and Exchange archving option;


The following are requirements for the File System Archiving Option:
■ The Backup Exec server must be in the same time zone as the file servers from which eligible data is archived.
■ The Backup Exec server domain, the file server domains, and the Exchange Server domains must trust the domain that the Backup Exec service account belongs to.
■ The Backup Exec server domain must trust the domains that contain the accounts of users that access the file server shares.
■ The Backup Exec service account must have local administrative rights on the file server.
■ The Backup Exec service account must have Full Control share permissions on the share that is selected for archiving.
■ The Backup Exec service account must be granted the following NTFS rights on the folders in the share that is selected for archiving:
■ Modify
■ List Folder Contents
■ Read
■ Write
Following are the requirements that apply to the Exchange Mailbox Archive Option:
■ You must enter an Exchange Agent license on the Backup Exec server for each Exchange Server that you want to archive.
■ You must install one of the following versions of Microsoft Outlook on the Backup Exec server before you install the Exchange Mailbox Archiving Option:
■ Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 with hotfix kb968858 or later
■ Outlook 2003 Service Pack 3
■ Microsoft Outlook must be the default mail client on the Backup Exec server.
■ You must create a profile when you install Outlook on the Backup Exec server, and then connect to an Exchange Server mailbox. Outlook may display an error
message about a conflicting program. If Outlook offers to fix the problem, choose to do so, and then follow the instructions that are given.
■ The Exchange Server backups must have the Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) option enabled.