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Archive PSTs: DLO agent or Exchange 2010?


We are faced with the dreaded task of backing up archive PST files and I am seeking advice. On the one hand Exchange 2010 can do some interesting things with respect to archives and on the other I see drwabacks:


  • Exchange 2010 allows you to create and attach an archive mailbox to an existing user
  • An archive quota can be set indepently to the regular mailbox
  • Users with a newer outlook (2010 in my case) get a 'Converstion View' which includes the archived emails
  • Retention Policies can be set for the emails or folders in the archive mailbox
  • You can access the archive mailbox via outlook or OWA
  • Archive mailbox licensing is included with the Exchange Enterprise Cals - no extra fees


  • Only archive can be configured for a user
  • Archive mailbox is created on the same mailbox database as the primary mailbox. So in essence, who knows if that stays the same in the future?

Now to further elaborate, historically we have several different functions for accounting or whatever staff. That  means shared mailboxes and multiple archives. So therefore I do not believe that using the archive features of Exchange 2010 are going to be that beneficial based upon that alone. It also means more user management and more training which can be difficult to get people to want to learn.

So that means find a solution for backing up archives and I have used DLO in the past and found it okay and reasonable to work with.

Would any have any insight or comments regarding the most practical way to go here?

Thanks for any and all ideas!