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Archiving Option for Exchange DAG Exchange not working

In my organization we have a Exchange 2010 in DAG (2 servers node)

Backup exec works perfectly (backup executes perfectly)

Archiving option for Exchange Mail isn't working.

When i create an Archive Job i get the following error "System Mailbox validation failed for mailbox and server XXXX"

Any idea how to fix the problem?

Thank you all for the contribution


- the service account is Administrator on Backup Exec server and both Exchange servers

- i created 2 system mailboxes (one for each exchange server) and both account have all permissions required (administrators also of Exchange server)

- i run the script as described in Backup Exec Admin guide for both system mailboxes and gave the Send As permission to Service account for both system mailboxes.




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Hi, The Admin Guide mentions


The Admin Guide mentions the following;


Type the following command:

SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 -User "<Domain Name\Backup Exec service account>'

But from your thread it seems you ran the SetEVExchangePermissions.ps1 powershell script for the system mailbox users and not the Backup Exec Service account.

Please run the script for the Backup Exec service account and then try giving the system mailboxes again.

Also just for verification, try to use the BE service account as the system mailbox account for both the DAG nodes and check if it works.

Have you installed the Exchange 2010 Management console on the media server? and what is the Outlook version installed on the media server?


Hi and thank you for your

Hi and thank you for your comment. Regarding the script, I ran it exactly as stated in the Admin guide and as you suggested. I've tried to use the service account as system mailbox for both DAG nodes but no positive results. (Service account has a mailbox, not hidden in the Address book and can send and receive emails). The Exchange 2010 management console is on the media server already and outlook is 2007 version with SP3. As stated on the first post, the backup of DAG is working perfectly but not the Archiving option. Thanks and regards