Archiving and Backups

We are currently using Backup Exec 2010 R2 running differential backups 6 days a week and a full backup on the 7th day.  The full backup method is set to "full -copy the files" and the differential's and set to "Differential - Using modified time".  The issue we are having is that we are using a 3rd party archiving solution which is set to archive and stub by last modify date but every time the full backup runs all the files are un-archived.  Is there a way to skip files that have been set to "Files is ready for archiving" or some other way to stop this from happening? The backups were originally set to "Using archive bit (reset archive bit)" and I changed them to using "modified time" for the full backups and all files were still un-archived.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A "Copy" backup doesn't

A "Copy" backup doesn't really alter anything so its bit of a surprise that archived files are being affected.

Does a native Windows backup of the same data produce the same behavior ?

Even if you maunually copy a

Even if you maunually copy a folder that has archived files in it they are all unarchived in their orginal location.  If I can skip files by artibute I think I can resolve my issue.


A "working set" backup method

A "working set" backup method may help. Have a look @ the options available for this backup method and see if it helps. Not sure of any other method which would skip files by attribute.