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Assigning Scheduled Jobs to new media labels B2D

Hello everybody,

I'm beginning to design a backup configuration that will involve backup to disk.  So far the plan is to run the backups to a B2D folder and allow it to fill up a period of time, and once that period of time is over, then we'll copy the .bkf file to an external hard drive and move it offsite. 

The problem is when we copy that .bkf file back, the media-ID is still the same and the original and it conflict, only allowing one to be recognized by Backup Exec at a time.  Is there a way to change the media-ID that the scheduled task will write to, so during any restores, it won't have any conflicts?


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You should not copy .bkf

You should not copy .bkf files for a lot of reasons, one of which you have already encountered.  See this document

Reasons why copying backup to disk data files is NOT recommended.

When you need to "copy" the .bkf files to your external hard disk, you should run a job to duplicate your backup set to the external hard disk.