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Assistance needed after migrating Backup Exec 10d to new server

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Good evening,

I just completed moving Backup Exec 10d (with SP3 and HF 48 installed) from a Windows 2003 server to another Windows 2003 server.  I followed and everything seems to have worked successfully.  I am going to upgrade to v12.5 once I have v10d migrated completely but I have one problem that I haven’t been able to figure out before the upgrade.

On my old BE server, when I would edit a selection list, I could expand the Remote Selections, Microsoft Windows Network, “domain name” and the servers that are part of the selection list would have a check mark (or partial one) next to their name.  However, on my new server, that is not true.  None of the selection lists on my new server have any tick marks next to their name, and neither does the domain (which is does on the old BE server).  This migration is on a single domain.  My Favorites migrated but they are checked either when they are part of the selection list.  I’ve been searching for a solution but haven’t been able to find one.

I’ve tried looking through the registry and only found “Agent Directory List” (which is where the VMMON.EXE writes its info to, but whatever I put in here (or if I enter it into VXMON.EXE) seems to have no effect on the media server (short NetBIOS name, FQDN, IP address, etc.).  I tried restarting the BE agent service but received the same results.

Can anyone tell me how I am supposed to change the server that the BE agent is published to?  I think that it is published to starting with BE 11.x and advertised to prior to v11.x, is that correct?


Thanks in advance for any assistance,


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I would recomend you to first upgrade to BE 12.5.....We wont be able to upgrade 10d to 12.5 directly. We need to upgrade 10d to 11d and install it in a trial period.

Then upgrade 11d to 12.5....

After that we need to uninstall all the remote agents for 10d and push out the remote agents for 12.5

Download the trial version of Backup Exec 11d 7170
BEWS 11.0.7170 32bit
BEWS 11.0.7170 64 bit

Let me know if u have any issues....

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You'd probably have to then look into pushing the agent onto those servers manually, or alternatively running a repair on each agent on the servers. This should allow you to point them to the new server with it's new name.

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Hi UnderCoverGuy,

Probably there should be a registry entry with the published server but I suggest you to completely uninstall the previous agent from the servers and install the new one.
Since you have 10d version of the BE, you should upgrade to 11 and then to 12.5.
In order not to install twice the agent on the servers (first manually the 11d and then again manually the 12.5) perform first the upgrade to 12.5 and later push the new agent to the servers.