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Auto Generated Document Backup Get .PST

Level 4


Backup Exec user here.  Loooooooong time user  from back in the Ghost days! :))

I'm using it pretty outdated version, 16!

However, the software is so solidly made I still haven't gone ahead and got a new one.  Mostly that's just as I'm trying to save money.  And, really, it's just so reliable. It does everything you need.  That's a testimony to how well made it is.

I've just started doing a document backup using the pre-programmed settings. Here to four I'd always just done a full backup, only because I thought that was easier? But now, to try to economize even further On service base, i've decided to go with the pre-programmed setting where it allows us to back up the whole computer twice a week, and the documents every day.

There was one setting in that pre-programmed documents menu that confused me a bit. It's about email files. Please take a look at this image:
Among the choices it shows for email files are .dbx, .eml, .msg, .nws, .ost...

After that OST there's just an ellipsis. That ellipsis is making me a little scared!  You see, I still have a lot of very important email files that are .PST

And, I believe that even my outlook is still using .PST?

So, put another way, if the checkbox for email files does not include .PST .Files, that won't be much help for me.

pst files email files.jpg
Please can anyone confirm with a bit of documentation?

Sorry about the age of the software, but I'm just an academic and I'm trying to save every penny I can.  :D  Veritas 16.