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Average Job Rate when backuping VMs using SAN Transport Mode

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We have setup a Lan free backup environment for our VMs (VMware).

What is the average job rate(optimum or godd)?. We are getting around 2500 MB/minute.

Also when ever we initiate a job there are some hundred tasks like 'Mapping disk region and Releasing disk region' is  in running in our V-Center . Is this normal in a SAN based backup environment?


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Well, depends on the speed of your SAN firstly, but 2500MB/m isn't very fast. That's around 40Mb/s.

Are you backing up the VMs completely and have you selected SAN Transport Mode in your job? Which version of BE are you using too?


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The messages in the vSphere client are expected and whilst I am not 100% sure, probably relate to either change block tracking, or the identification of unused space within a vmdk. You should also see the snapshot creation and removal messgaes in the same console. You would probably need to speak to VMware for excactly what those messages mean.

For speed I can't confirm the hardware or SAN setups in use but customers I have dealt with have seen anything from about 800mb/min through to  6000mb/min  when performing SAN transport backups.

As a comparison my own really slow test setup, using a software based iSCSI SAN solution on a USB disk as a Datastore, only gets about 350-400mb per min on SAN Transport with NBD mode getting abouth 200mb/min - my test setup is very poor and would not be acceptable in a production situation but is good enough for basic validation of issues.

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I tried SAN transport method and was not impressed with the speed. I am 8gb fc from SAN to MSDP server and was seeing around 3500mb/min. I then tried HotAdd transport method and was getting 5000+mb/min.


All setups are different....give hotadd a try, it may help.

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A word of caution about HotAdd

1) The media server must be virtualized which means you can only do backup to disk (or perhaps dedup) but not physical tape or USB disk

2) There is an issue with VMware 5.5 and Hotadd that means we cannot currently support this mode - see