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Avoid Exception Error "Remote Agent not detected" when using NAS

Level 2

Server: Backup Exec 2015

Client: NAS

Issue: Successful completion with Exceptions "Remote Agent Not Detected"

In our environment, we are taking backups successfully from NAS boxes. But after the sucessfull completion of the Backup job, there are errors thrown with Exceptions as "Remote Agent not detected". 

Knowing that the NAS boxes added as a client of File Server Type, which does not have remote agent, why is it checking for a remote Agent, and how to avoid this Exception.

Exceptions from the job:

Backup- nas1V-79-57344-3844 - The Backup Exec server was unable to connect to the Remote Agent on machine nas1.

The Backup Exec server will use the local agent to try to complete the operation.

V-79-57344-65277 - Snapshot Technology: Initialization failure on: "\\nas1\data". Snapshot technology used: No.

Remote Agent not detected on nas1.




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Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid this warning.

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As per this TN:

Note: Customers configuring share level backup jobs, where the remote agent cannot be installed, should be aware that the message regarding lack of a remote agent (as provided in the error section below) cannot be disabled from being recorded in the Job Log. Additionally a remote agent license must be installed on the Backup Exec Server to protect data via CIFS.

If your NAS filer is capable of NDMP backups (check BE HCL), then best to use the BE NDMP agent.