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Azure Cloud Connector - Storage Warning (V-275-1017) - Unable to connect to the OpenStorage device

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Hi all,

We are attempting to configure a "Back Up to Disk and then Duplicate to Cloud" job.

We have an Azure Tenancy in place already, which is in use for other services.

When configuring the Cloud Storage, we receive the below error:

"Azure: azure. - Unable to connect to the OpenStorage device. Ensure that the network is properly configured between the device and the Backup Exec server."

It refers you to Article V-275-1017, however, this does not actually exist anywhere!

It seems to relate to an issue with named proxies. If we allow proxy-bypass (or use a transparent proxy) the Cloud Storage configured correctly and shows Online, and can be used ok.

However, if the proxy is named and explicitly detailed, then the storage cannot be created.

If you create storage with a tranparent proxy, but then set a named proxy after the creation, the storage shows as Offline.

Has anyone else seen an issue with named proxies, using Cloud Storage?

This is a real issue as we have multiple sites that cannot use a direct connection, or transparent proxy.




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Please run sgmon.exe while trying to add the Azure storage and attach the sgmon log. 

Are you using any software like ? Or any other software which is using SSL certificate which is not part of cacert.pem. 

We have seen similar issues when the server has software with certificates which are missing from cacert.pem.

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Run SGMON.exe from BE Install Path and select beserver, bengine, device and media and then try to configure Cloud Storage. See if you get this :
cURL error: 60(Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates
If yes, then steps in below article will help

Thanks for the response. I have run SGMon, and it returned the following error under "BESERVER":

STS ERROR: session (4749564): 'Azure: CAzureRestRequest::ValidateCredentials:Operation failed with HTTP error code:[0].'

STS DEBUG Info: session (4749564): 'Azure: CAzureRestRequest::ValidateCredentials:Returning with status:[7].'

STS ERROR: session (4749564): 'Azure: CAzureApi::ValidateCredentials:Request failed Error code:[7], HTTP status code:[0].'

STS ERROR: session (4749564): 'Azure: CAzureException::CAzureException:No XML response'

Looks like it won't authenticate via the named proxy.

The Azure Storage Account password is definitely correct, as when we remove the proxy, it goes through fine and validates.

Are named proxies not supported?

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Is Backup Exec updated with BE Feature Pack 2 for BE 16. Can you attach the SGMON log 

Yes, Feature Pack 2 and Hotfix 128051 are installed. It is Version 16.0 Rev 1142.

Attached is the output from SGMon.log

The error occurs as you hit "Next", after confirming the Cloud storage and Logon account.

Futher error details:

BEMSDK Failure Code: E0009B3F