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Bänder Nicht geeignet

Level 2

guten Abend,

Ich habe 4 neue Baender eingelegt, und bei allen steht bei Speicherstatus "Nicht geeignet". Wie kann ich den Speicherstatus andern?


Danke im Voraus für Ihre Antworten 




Level 6

Based upon the bar code ending in L7, I assume those are LTO7 tapes?  Do you have other LTO7 tapes in this library?

What does the library web interface show for these new tapes?

Thank you for your response. On the attachment I send you everything as a photo.


Number 16,17,18,19 are new

Level 6

What happens when you run an erase job on these new tapes?

It appears that these tapes are not being read properly as the library shows a status for "unknown" for the encryption.


I did not try it. Because the device is backup with other type (the device is busy with other task). I'll do it and let you know.