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B2D Backup failed with E00084F4 on MAC OS Shared Folder

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We are trying to backup data to MAC OS shared folder using BE16, but failed with the following error:

Final error: 0xe00084f4 - An unknown error has occurred.
Final error category: System Errors

And windows event log marked with the following error:

An error occurred while processing a B2D command.
 Drive: OpenPosMTF() CreateFile failed (\\MacOSSrvIP\backup\B2D000002.bkf).  Error=59


I checked a 8KB size B2D00002.bkf file does exist after the backup failed.

And backupexec fail the Catalog task after that.

I wonder any one have suggestion on that configuration?

I already try max file size, enable/disable read/write buffered on disk storage.



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what is the version of windows? what is the version of backupexec?

what are the settings of B2D folder in backupexec?

how do you approach this folder? mapping, share, ....?

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When Backup Exec runs a GRT backup to creates an 8KB file as an initial temporary header and then tries to create an IMG folder to use for the actual backup. Based on your symptoms my guess is you have GRT enabled backups and the B2D location is not compatble (or not configured to be compatible) with GRT backups.

Obviously the ability to create sunfolders has to be allowed and then GRT backups have a number of requirements, (NTFS Compatibility etc)  the easiest way to do a basic test for B2D location on a share is to (temporarily) map a drive letter onto the share and then run B2Dtest against this mapped drive to see if it passes. Once the testing is complete unmap the drive. You could also run a basic test test to see the result of disabling GRT completely is sucessful.

Note: you should run a B2Dtest anyway as it can be used to validate locations for non-GRT backups as well.

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did you had a look at following technote?


Backup Exec 16

WIndows server 2016 / 2012R2

Default setting for B2D folder

Map to BE using UNC path


I just completed the D2BTest

A warning on Volume Information, No persistent ACL support on volume.

An error on Cleanup Directory - FAILED - Unable to remove target directory: (0x91) The directory is not empty.

The B2DTest folder left behind, and I however can deleted it without issue.

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if I understand it correctly, you  are not mapping the (mac)-disk to a drive letter, but uses the unc path to the mac-disk.

Is it NTFS-formatted like stated in the requirements?

if the disktest fails, it will not work proerly to backup to this location, try to fix your disk -issues before using this a b2d-location

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Just for info you have to use a UNC path for B2d locations as mapped drive letters (over CIFS) are not supported (mainly because a mapped drive letter is linked to the active session of the logged in user and BE needs to operate when no one is logged in)


However I believe B2D test might need a drive letter to run, hence my notes said map a drive to do the test.