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B2D Job Queued

I´m having problems with my B2D I`ve been using a monthly rule to copy from a file server to my backup hard disk server without problems until this month when the job iniciated it stays queued and never initiates, í´ve tried doing test run and it fails with the e0008703 and when i tried to do a scan it does nothing,  i have no idea what could happen could you help me please.


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Hi Katia, Try creating

Hi Katia,

Try creating another backup to disk folder (B2d) and try to run the backup on that b2d folder.

It might be possible that the current B2d folder has got some issues.

Let me know.

tech 29.

RE: B2D Job Queued

Is this the only B2D job that fails, or do all jobs pointed at this B2D folder fail?

Any update

Any update here?