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B2D Jobs gone after migrating to new Server

Level 3

Trying to upgrade to BE20 eventually.  Upgraded W2008R2 server to W2012R2 and then had to uninstall original BE2014 (did not work after OS upgrade).  Installed new copy of BE15 and did not touch the Ext HD BEData folder that was used for B2D. 

Was able to use a VM copy of the original W2008R2 w/ BE2014 (vm ran on different PC w/o the EXT HD) and upgraded to BE15 and then W2012R2, so physical server and VM servers are the same OS and BE15 versions.  The upgrade to BE15 did not put a BEData folder on the C: system drive.  

Can't put the VM on the network to use migration assistant so followed article 100020224 "How to migrate (move) Backup Exec from one system to another with the same version of BE, Windows and same or computer names". 

Followed instructions and copied the Catalogs\Data folders to the clean install of BE15. They mention "create a folder where the new Backup to Disk folders will reside and copy the saved off .bkf file(s)", but this doesn't make sense to me as the fresh install created that, but I want to use the existing one ont the EXT HD.  

In any case, BE15 runs,  sees the EXT HD online and limited to "read-only" under storage tab, but when I click on it, it only shows Job History entries and not the Jobs or backup sets from before.  In addition, if I try to do a test restore, the past backups dates are not there to choose from.

Is there something else I can do to have the Ext HD BEData folder fully recognized (Jobs, etc.)?