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B2D or Dedup Setting up new

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I am prepping a new installation/server to use Backup Exec 20+ on Server 2016. Our current setup uses Dedup storage to one volume, and B2D to another volume and then we do Dup to Tape from every Full.There's really no reason or sequence why the previous person sent this Full job to B2D and this Full Job to Dedup. All of the Incrementals go to Dedupe. I'm not migrating. I'm setting up fresh and creating each job from scratch, then eliminatingit from the older server. I want to do this the right way to begin with. Help :)

My question is...what is the real difference between B2D and Dedupe? Can I just have one large Dedupe volume and have ALL Full jobs AND incrementals go there, then send it to D2Tape after the Full runs? Completely eliminate the B2D volume?

We have 3 LTO appliances. We pull out quarterly tapes and put them offsite. Recently I tried to restore one of those quarterly tapes and was unable to because the Backup Set had expired. So what's the point of doing all of these tapes if we can't restore them from 3 months ago? How do I make the tapes restorable from even 6 months ago? Choose to not expire the backup sets? but then we'd run out of storage? Please explain to me about this if you can :)


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Deduplication :

The data deduplication technology within Backup Exec breaks down streams of backup data into “blocks.” Each data block is identified as either unique or non-unique, and a tracking database is used to ensure that only a single copy of a data block is saved to storage by that Backup Exec server. For subsequent backups, the tracking database identifies which blocks have been protected and only stores the blocks that are new or unique. This process of reducing redundant data blocks that are saved to backup storage leads to significant reduction in storage space
needed for backups.

(More details :

B2D / Disk Storage :

Data is written directly to storage without tracking unique / redundant data.

For the restore issue please check if following date in Restore Wizard is set correctly :


Also there is a setting in Backup Exec for Truncating older catalog, please uncheck it to ensure older catalogs are not truncated :



For the tapes for which catalogs are already truncated, please run catalog job

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