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B2D problems

Level 3
Hi - I'm having some problems with my B2D setup. Currently I can't run B2D at all.

I've got a NAS (Infrant ReadyNAS) direct connected to the Server (Windows 2000 SP4), which worked Ok for about 9 months. After the latest reboot of the server, B2D just stopped working.

I can't do a B2D to the NAS. I can't do a B2D to another server/PC.

I can copy files to the NAS no problem, I can use it no problem, B2D always shows as Paused or Offline

Basically here are the problems:
- The "Device is Paused" on all B2D folders
- I try to "map" a new B2D folder I get "The system cannot find the path specified" (I can map a drive on the local machine, but do not have enough space to do a B2D on the server).
- I can click "Scan" then "Online" on the B2D folder, it says it's "Online" but when the job starts to run, it says "Offline"
- I've gone thru the troubleshooting of deleting any LCK files
- I've renamed the Changer and Folder file names
- I've installed SP3 for Backup Exec 10.1
- I had close to 1500 "media" items. I moved them all to Retired and deleted them.

I have no idea what to try next. My next thought was to upgrade to 11D, but am trying to get all the required keys to do that.

Any thoughts to get my 10D install going would be appreciated.

Level 4
I didn't think you could direct connect to a ReadyNAS. Are you sure you're not using a network connection? Can you ping the nas by ip address and by host name? Can you get to the ReadyNAS shares using explorer?