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B2D2T job (failed as Catalog drive full) - howto Recrate To Tape?


I have a job that failed on teh weekend as the Catalogs drive got full.
So the backup jobs is a B2D2T.

It looks like the B2D completed ok (just not completely cataloged).
The Duplicate portion of the job is about 1/3 the size of the last backup policy.

I have moved the catalog directory to a new drive that has ample space, as per the documentation.

I have re-cataloged all media on the TAPES and I am seeing some of the jobs showing up on the Restore ok, but others are just showing the B2D media.

I am in the process of cataloging the B2D media.

How can I ensure that all the B2D media had been moved to Tape?

Once the Whole B2D has been Cataloged, what would be the best steps to ensure that the data is duplicated?

Or do I re-catalog the Tapes after the D2D media is cataloged)? (Wishful thinking I am betting)



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Re: B2D2T job (failed as Catalog drive full) - howto Recrate To Tape?

recatalog the B2D data, then just do a one time duplicate job to tape.  That should be sufficient.  You will have some remnant catalog issues, but small price to pay when you need to get that data to tape and offsite.