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BAckup Exec 2010 Installation problem with SQL

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HI Guys i am getting a SQL database incompatibility error when installing Backup Exec 2010.I uninstalled Backup Exece 12.5 before tryng to install Backup exec 2010.
This is running on Windows SBS 2003 and SQLServer Express 2005.
Another poster here solved the problem by uninstalling his SQL server instance but I am loathe to do that as the SQL server is also used by some client encryption software and I dont want to break that.
See here fr details
 Also there are some significant differences:
I only have 1 directory on the Server: a C drive so i dont have the option of installing on different directories..
he was using Server 2008 and I am using Server 2003.

How can I get this fixed.

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 If you are using the SQL Express, it will have it's own instance. I wouldn't think you would need to uninstall it. My understanding would be that nothing else would be able to use that instance (i.e., the client encryption software), so if you did install it, it shouldn't affect that other app.